Pan Deng and Xiaomi in front of the illustration of their work on social contagion, July 2021

Xiaoyu and Wang Cong in front of (fictively) the illustration of their work on longitudinal changes in adolescent communication, July 2021

Xiaoyu and Yaomin in front of the illustration of their work on action induced preference change, July 2021

Lab reunion, Yunlu visiting PKU, July 2021

Xiaoyu defending her undergrad thesis, June 2021

Haitao piloting a MEG experiment, May 2021

Road trip, spring, 2021


Piloting brain stimulation for group decision making, 2019

Wang Cong's very first keynote talk at the International conference of human brain development, Hangzhou, Oct 2019

Moon and Editors, 2019

fMRI experiment with children, 2019

Three giant women and a paparazzi, Oct 2019

Poses in Dublin, on the way attending Neuroeconomics Annual Meeting in Ireland, Oct 2019

Hanqi's last day in the lab, July 3, 2019

Yaomin attending the Oxford Summer School in Economic Networks, Oxford, UK, June 2019

Farewell party on the roof of Beijing, June 2019

Farewell party on the roof of Beijing, June 2019

Yaomin and his poster on learning on social networks at OHBM in Rome, Italy, June 2019

Xiaomi presenting his poster on how the human brain reads between the lines at SFN, San Diego, CA, Nov 2018

Yixin's last day in the lab before her leaving for grad school at Boston University, July 2018

Yaomin presenting at the AI and the Brain Conference, Peking University, July 2018

Lusha presenting at the AI and the brain conference, PKU, 2018

lab*2 dinner, 2018

Xiaomi presenting his project on communicative inferences at joint lab meeting, Nov. 2017

Yaomin and Yang Ning discussing their social learning models, 2017

Yaomin giving a lecture on computational modeling at the School of Management, Zhejiang University, 2017

Yunlu and his poster on sleep and preferences at Neuroeconomics annual conference, Toronto, Canada, 2017

Yifei piloting a tDCS study, 2017

Siyu presenting at lab meeting. 2016

Online experiment with more than 20 interacting participants. 2016

Pseudo field experiment, 2016

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Prediction error, night of escape room, 2019 

Transition, lab space, 2015