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Zhu, Lusha  

Principal Investigator


School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences

PKU-Tsinghua Center for Life Sciences 

IDG/McGovern Institute for Brain Research

Peking University, China


Email: lushazhu{AT}

Curriculum vitae



Cong, Menghan

Research Assistant

My research interests center around what happens in our mind when we make inferences and how this process develops over the lifespan. Previously, I have explored preoperational children's ability in conditional reasoning and adolescents' pragmatic reasoning, and obtained my B.S. in philosophy and M.A. in psychology from Peking University.

Email: mhcong{AT}


Dong, Yulin  

PhD student


My research interests focus on human learning, particularly those related to reinforcement learning. My current research project aims at understanding information-seeking on social networks from a learning perspective. I have bachelor’s degrees in Astrophysics and Psychology from Peking University. 


Email: dongyulin{AT}


Guan, Ping  

Lab Manager


Ms. Guan is responsible for everyday administration. Among her many duties, she provides support for communication and Journal Club coordination. Please feel free to contact Ms. Guan if you have questions or requests for the lab.  


Email: guanping{AT}


Jiang, Yaomin  

PhD Student


My research interests focus on cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying social learning in humans. In my current project, I aim at understanding how complex social relationships are represented in the brain and integrated with other social information to guide learning. To this end, my project brings together strands of behavioral economics, functional neuroimaging, and social network experiments in lab settings. I have bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Psychology from Peking University. 


Email: yaominjiang{AT}

Curriculum vitae

Mi, Qingtian  

Postdoctoral Fellow 


My research focuses on human communication, in particular, how individuals encode, transfer, and decode information through communicative signals given communicative contexts. My ongoing projects investigate the neurocomputational mechanism by which the human brain reads between the lines, combining methods from decision neuroscience, machine learning, and experimental and computational linguistics. I have a Ph.D. in integrative sciences from Peking University. 



Email: miqingtian{AT}

Curriculum vitae


Niu, Runxuan 

PhD Student


How people make decisions and interact with each other in different contexts has been appealing to me. My current work with Wang Han and Wu Haitau investigates how people use and perceive communication strategies when seeking help. I major in Psychology and Economics at PKU.

Email: niu_rx{AT}


Wang, Cong  

PhD Student

My PhD work focuses on human communication, and, more broadly, how individuals coordinate with one another to achieve mutual goals. Some of my projects adopt a developmental perspective and ask how humans acquire this key social ability and what structural and functional changes in the brain support the development of this function. I hope to provide a more quantitative, mechanistic understanding for these long-standing questions. Prior to joining the lab, I obtained a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Sun Yat-sen University. 


Email: wang.cong{AT}

Curriculum vitae


Wang, Han

PhD Student

I am intrigued by human decisions, especially irrational ones. At the moment, I am trying to use computational models to interpret the variances observed in communicative behavior that cannot be explained by previous methods. I am from the School of Yuanpei, PKU, majoring in both Psychology and Economics.

Email: wanghan_2018_yuanpei{AT}


Wu, Haitau

PhD Student

I am broadly interested in human decision-making. My undergrad work mainly focused on preference formation and changes, such as the influence of repeated exposure on preferences. Prior to joining the lab, I obtained my bachelor's degree in Psychology from Peking University.

Email: wuhaitao{AT}

Yu, Guihua  

PhD Student


What interests me at the moment is why and how people sometimes change their attitude towards particular things, places, or people in a seemingly irrational manner. In our current project, Yaomin and I are trying to develop computational models to predict preference changes in a range of human behavior. I received my bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Management from Peking University.


Email: guihuayu{AT}

Alumni & Visitors

Xu, Jiaying:
entered as a BA in Government and History from Smith College; RA 2018-2019; now post-bac in Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. 
Zhang, Hanqi
entered as an MS in Psychology from Beijing Normal University; PhD student 2017-2019 under joint supervision by Drs. Xiaofei Xie and Lusha Zhu; now is a Postdoc researcher at the School of Economics and Management, South China Normal University. 
Wang, Yan: 
entered as a BA in Chemistry from Shandong Univ.; RA 2017-2018; now a is a Ph.D. student at Peking Univ.
Jin, Yujia:
entered as an undergrad student in Psychology and Economics at New York University; Summer intern 2017 
Ng, Livia: 
entered as an undergrad student in Neuroscience at University College of London; Summer intern 2017 
Chen, Yixin:
entered as an undergrad in Psychology at Tsinghua Univ.; RA 2017-2018; now a Ph.D. student at Boston Univ.
Yin, Yunlu:
entered as an MS in Psychology from Peking Univ.; RA 2015-2017(first author of this eLife paper); now is an assistant professor at School of Management, Fudan University 

Jiang, Siyu:
entered as a BA in Psychology from Cambridge; RA 2016-2017 (designer of the lab logo); now is an MS student at New York Univ.
Li, Xinyi
entered as an MS in Neuroscience from University College London; RA in 2016; now is a Ph.D. student at Cornell

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